Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, embroidery is not only reflected in clothing and accessories. Integrating creative patterns and embroidery techniques into the mobile phone case can also bring visual enjoyment. The aesthetic feeling that presents a fashionable individual character for you. Combined with iPhone, we recommend several embroidered iPhone cases for you.

This creative 3D embroidery iPhone 11 case, soft and skin-friendly back with exquisite embroidery techniques, brings the teddy bear to life and presents a three-dimensional visual effect. The pure background color combines with the creative teddy bear to create a fresh and interesting decorative feeling.

This iPhone 11 Pro mobile phone case, with selected embroidery techniques combined with lovely piglet modeling design, has exquisite details and brings a vivid visual experience, which is very suitable for girls. At the same time, the cloth surface of the mobile phone case brings a comfortable touch, but also effective heat dissipation and anti-sweat. Combined with the exquisite hanging rope design, it is more convenient to carry out.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max case integrates the shape of a flamingo into the phone through embroidery, with vivid details. At the same time, it is delicate and skin-friendly, with a more comfortable grip experience. The soft, all-in-one design of silicone material can effectively prevent the damage caused by accidental knocking on the mobile phone. Combined with the protection design higher than the camera, it can prevent the daily scratch and wear of the lens.

The combination of traditional culture and modern materials can also bring a different style of fashion. The iPhone XS Max case USES embroidery elements to bring the image of koi carp to life with a strong Chinese style design. Develop your unique taste for high living. Red appearance festive atmosphere, combined with delicate koi design, bring good implied meaning wishes.

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