As Apple released four new iPhone models, CaseMe came out with a range of cases, priced from $15 to $30. I tried some new iPhone 12 Pro Max cases, including a natural-color case.

The new iPhone 12 Pro Max Case will cost $15. I spent a few days in the country brown and natural color condition. This is the first time I have seen “natural color”, it is an interesting choice, with the passage of time, the verdigris will turn green.

The sturdy case’s internal bumper system is designed to help your phone withstand a 10-foot drop, which alleviates those drops from your hands during daily use. The main body of the case is polycarbonate and comes with a leather back panel to give your case a unique look.

The Interior of the CaseMe case is lined with a soft grey wool-like interior and carries the Nomad brand inside. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is securely wedged into the polycarbonate core frame and ensures that the case doesn’t fall off the iPhone. There are plenty of openings for the rear camera, flash, Lightning port, speaker and microphone.

The right button and volume button have a subtle raised area that can be used for activation. The right button has some texture to help you find it more easily with your fingers. There are two rope openings at the bottom of the corner (not including the rope), so you can anchor your iPhone during your adventure.

The bezel wraps around all four sides and protrudes a little above the display so that you can protect the screen when you place the phone on the table. I was able to use the wireless charger without any problems, and CaseMe certified that the case worked with the MagSafe attachment.

The new CaseMe iPhone 12 Pro Max also comes in black and antique brown, with leather on the back and front of the case. The interior flap in this case has three card slots and a cash slot for up to six CARDS. I can easily carry two credit CARDS, my ORCA shipping card and a $20 bill.

The front baffle is smaller than the rear baffle, so the front baffle is located directly on the TPU side bumper edge of the rear baffle. Thanks to a new internal shock-absorbing bumper, two rope fasteners and fine leather, the case also offers 10 feet of drop protection.

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