The new iPhone 2019 is about to go on sale. According to the price announced so far, many consumers think the price is too expensive to afford the new iPhone 2019. Although they can’t own the 2019 new iPhone, they should change the case of their iPhone 6s/6s plus for a better mood. Different mobile phone case reveals the owner’s taste and personality.

CaseMe IPhone 6s plus wallet case

This CaseMe wallet case has a high design on the back to protect the camera from damage and effectively protect your phone. It has a removable design with a wristband, a zipper pocket, and a thin case to solve the problem of self-mounting bracket, which is convenient and practical.

i-Carer IPhone 6s plus leather case

The iPhone 6s plus case is made of impressive brown and black leather. Soft, smooth, beautiful leather exudes luxury and luxury. Magnetic closure tape can hold all your belongings and exude a mysterious atmosphere.

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