I just received the wallet case 4 days ago! It fits my phone perfectly and works great! And there’s nothing wrong with my wireless charging pad. The phone’s magnets are so strong that they don’t fall out of the wallet itself, and I can separate the phone from the wallet case. There is plenty of room for all the necessities.

CaseMe Samsung Galaxy S10 case can hold driver’s license, credit card and cash very well, and it works very well. This material prevents the phone from slipping. The magnetic retainer is perfect. When the wallet is turned off, the phone stays put. The phone case provided me with enough protection. Placing the screen and camera face down on a flat surface is also protected. The removal is ideal for putting your phone into my car’s wireless charging dock. I also found the wristband so useful that I didn’t even have to carry a wallet!

I am very satisfied with this Samsung Galaxy S10 case, it exceeds my expectations. Its durability and fashion are both important to me. There are more expensive things to ensure the same purpose, but why spend more money, if you can save some money, I used to spend 75 to 100 euros on the wallet phone case, but this one is only 25 dollars.

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