If you are a wallet case fan, or are looking for a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 wallet case, don’t miss the Caseme wallet case, a 5 year-old wallet case accessory manufacturer, other accessories that are tried to imitate it. There are more than ten wallet case styles, which are loved by consumers.
CaseMe Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wallet Case
This is the Caseme 008 series, which is the best-selling phone case with high quality to ensure your smartphone is safe and impact-free. The structure is made of hand-made leather for outstanding durability and performance. The 2-in-1 detachable design increases the convenience of being placed in a pocket, while the convenient answering button ensures that it cannot be opened when answering a call.

The only downside is that it fills up the credit card, the wallet phone case will become very thick, because it can hold 10 credit cards, some coins or banknotes, if you can accept this, it is a perfect Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Case, of course It has a lot of series, you like thin wallet case, you can pay attention to the official website www.casemecase.com.

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