Love this wallet phone case. It can replace my ordinary purse, because my mobile phone is very beautiful. Yes, it’s clunky, but so is a regular wallet, and most won’t fit on a larger phone like my Samsung Note 10. The case of the magnet is very strong and well preserved. I’m not worried about it falling out of my wallet and onto the floor. Also, if you occasionally need a smaller case, just remove the magnet case from your wallet. You have to take out your phone to take pictures, and it’s more comfortable to talk.

This CaseMe Samsung Galaxy Note 10 case has 10 card slots. The size of the card slots is suitable for the size of the card, for example – each slot can hold about 5 business CARDS; However, a slot can only hold 1-2 credit CARDS. The front of two of the 10 slots is clearly visible and very functional. Although the wallet section is tight, you can’t put in a lot of things because it just opens up a lot. because it only opens a lot. But I hope it will continue. It may be stuffed up before using it to see if I can stretch it to a sufficient extent to prevent it from becoming stiff.

I really like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 case, which is strong enough to hold the phone in a wallet. The magnet is strong and won’t fall down through the phone. It feels very protected. The magnet doesn’t interfere with the S pen at all.

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