While Apple is likely to launch the iPhone 12 on October 13, we’ve already heard a lot about it, with a fourth model coming this year, dubbed the ‘iPhone 12 Mini’ as the new model comes out.

The name was first announced by CaseMe on Sept. 21. They say Apple will introduce the iPhone 12 Mini, as well as the standard iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro (both with 6.1-inch screens) and the high-end iPhone 12 Pro Max (with a possible 6.7-inch display).

Then another leak advocate, Jon Prosser, tweeted out various leak details for the upcoming iPhone, including saying the iPhone 12 Mini is a 5.4-inch model. Other leakers have also used the iPhone 12 Mini’s name, although it is unclear whether they had inside information or were just following trends.

Also, it’s only in recent rumors that we’ve heard of a phone called the iPhone 12 Mini, and the number of rumors is relatively small. In the past, many sources have suggested a new name for the next model, especially the iPhone 12 Max. So, this is still true, or, if the source is wrong about the name, they might be wrong about the Mini, too.

In addition, while many other Apple products are known as Mini, the company has yet to release the iPhone Mini, although it has released a number of compact phones, most recently the 4.7-inch iPhone SE (2020). We can’t say for sure whether Apple will call its smallest iPhone 12 model the iPhone 12 Mini. As noted above, there is plenty of evidence in both directions.

But, if we’re guessing, we’ll probably use the iPhone 12 Mini name. While earlier rumors pointed to the iPhone 12 Max, we tend to pay more attention to recent rumors because they are likely to process more up-to-date information. We’ll find out soon with the quick release of the iPhone 12, but for now we’re spending money on the Mini.

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