The CaseMe wallet case for the iPhone 12 Pro protects your valuable phone and gives you a place to put your credit card and driver’s license. Plus, it looks great when you do it. That’s why I like this case after using it for a few weeks.

Don’t carry your iPhone naked, it’s not safe, I really believe Apple’s phones are very thin, so you can put a case on them without increasing the size. In addition to protection, you can also use CaseMe leather cases to add some personalization to the iPhone.

Also, if you don’t have cash, this situation can help you avoid carrying a wallet. Although wireless payment systems have all but eliminated wallets, you may still need to carry an Apple Card or similar items and a driver’s license. The iPhone 12 Pro case solves this problem.

This leather case looks professional and elegant. And it will keep that look. One of the reasons people choose leather is because leather doesn’t wear. It wears. Over time, the CaseMe case will take on a bronzed look that makes the leather look better. This is the fourth case I’ve used with a company that was not old on the day I retired in exchange for a new iPhone model. I hope this is true for the iPhone 12 Pro many months from now.

As for design, CaseMe should stick the work “slim” in the product’s name, because it fits the iPhone 12 Pro like a glove. It adds almost no size and weighs just 1 ounce.

Yet the case has brought surprising protection. It covers all four corners of the handset as well as the edges and buttons. Over the years, I’ve put my iPhone in a CaseMe case countless times, but never with a broken screen.

The camera hump has an opening, and the CaseMe leather wallet case has no cover speaker or Lightning port. This is not a portfolio, so the screen is always exposed. It’s not a defect, it’s a design choice.

The case features a raised protective ridge on the outside of the iPhone 12 Pro’s display. Place the handset face down, not on the screen, but on the case. This really helps to reduce scratches.

The pouch on the back of the CaseMe full-leather wallet case for the iPhone 12 Pro is an exquisitely sewn leather monocle. It can hold three CARDS. For me, it’s a driver’s license and an Apple Card.

The leather can be stretched out, so you can put in another card or two bills. But keep in mind that stretching leather will not restore its original shape. Don’t leave anything in this pouch for the time being.

Don’t worry about wireless charging. In my tests, not only did the wallet case not interfere with the wireless power, but neither did a pair of plastic credit CARDS. The aluminum Apple Card is an exception. This will block wireless charging on its own.

CaseMe makes quality products and CaseMe iPhone 12 Pro wallet case is a good example. It looks great, adds little to the phone’s size, and eliminates the hassle of carrying a separate wallet. In addition, the price of such a good product is surprising.

A more radical option is an Apple Leather Wallet with MagSafe. It’s not a complete case, but a small bag with magnets that can be attached to the iPhone 12 Pro. It sells for $59.

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