If you have already ordered or plan to order one of the new iphones, you may want to consider protecting it to make it look like it’s new. CaseMe has just released the perfect solution for anyone interested in protecting their device while retaining the original aesthetics of their new iPhone 12.

CaseMe has been making high-quality iPhone cases since 2012, and is known for its ultra-thin, minimalist design. The case has no branding at all and won’t affect the look of the iPhone. Because they are very thin, they can be used with MagSafe without modification.

With CaseMe’s case, you don’t have to hide your new iPhone 12 Pro behind a clunky case, or you can avoid damage by not using a case at all. The CaseMe iPhone 12 Pro case is made from premium TPU and offers the best non-yellowing quality on the market. They will remain clear and completely transparent, allowing you to enjoy the exquisite design of the iPhone.

DG.MING iPhone 12 Pro case provides the perfect balance between pocket friendly protection and protection. High quality TPU is tough, but also impressive in elasticity and softness. It can absorb any drop in waist height. In addition, the rear camera module of the case has a raised lip rim around it that protects the phone when it is put down. There is also a slight lip edge at the top of the screen, just enough to protect it when placed face down. Finally, the rubber surface adds extra grip, so your iPhone can be held firmly in your hand, helping to avoid falling off.

If you have ever experienced the pain of a broken screen, or don’t want to, iCarer iPhone 12 Pro case is the best choice. It covers the entire front of the screen, just like the original iPhone screen after the app – you can’t even tell if a screen protector has been installed, it’s so seamless.

In short, we recommend protecting the case as the first thing you do after ordering a new iPhone. If you want to show off your new phone and want to offer a protective case without sacrificing size, the general truth is obvious. CaseMe cases cost $15 and are available for iPhone 12 Mini Case, iPhone 12 Case, iPhone 12 Pro Case, iPhone 12 Pro Max Case and various older models. You are also eligible for free shipping. Each product is shipped within 1 business day and includes a one-year warranty.

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