If you have already purchased the iPhone 12 Pro Max, or are planning to buy it, you will definitely want to match the best iPhone 12 Pro Max case to ensure safety. Therefore, we have collected more than one hundred iPhone 12 Pro Max protective cases, including thin and light mobile phone cases, sturdy mobile phone cases, transparent mobile phone cases, wallets or mobile phone cases with brackets, etc. Choose the one that suits you best.

Our first choice is the excellent CaseMe wallet phone case. CaseMe will think of everything when constructing this case. The CaseMe iPhone 12 Pro Max case provides 10 feet high drop protection. They used oversized raised edges around the glass frame to ensure screen safety. CaseMe is using a new double-layer interior design, which is why this case is sturdy. Built-in 10 card slots, a zipper pocket to store your small items, and a wrist strap for easy carrying.

DG.MING can produce a variety of high-quality watch cases to meet the needs of any user. We like their newly designed protective cover. Not only does it support wireless charging, but your phone is still protected. DG.MING iPhone 12 Pro Max uses flexible TPU material, double-layer TPU material on the side, and durable polycarbonate plastic on the back.

Some people want a protective case with function and form. If necessary, you can consider POLA to design a great wallet protective case. The POLA iPhone 12 Pro Max wallet case is uniquely designed and made of soft TPU material. It has air cushion corners that prevent you from falling. It can also protect your phone, carry some debit/ID cards, and always carry cash with you.

The iCarer iPhone 12 Pro Max leather case has a double-layer design with a soft TPU inner shell and top-quality leather on the outside. The outer frame has an antibacterial coating, which is soft and comfortable. We also really like the buttons and the raised edges around the screen or camera.

The BRG iPhone 12 Pro Max case can combine everything we like in most cases into one design, and then add a stand to make your life better. This is why you want to consider this situation.

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