The global version of the Mi 13 series will be officially released at MWC 2023. However, the Mi 13 series obviously lacks a model, and that is the Mi 13 Ultra model. Now Mi 13 Ultra is finally released, Mi 13 Ultra will use Samsung 2K E6 curved screen, there will be a flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip powering the device, Sony 1-inch IMX989 main sensor will be retained, and all four rear cameras will support automatic focus. We have compiled some of the best Xiaomi Mi 13 Ultra Cases for your reference.

CaseNeo Xiaomi Mi 13 Ultra Luxury PU Leather Wallet Case with 3 Card Slots

CaseNeo Xiaomi Mi 13 Ultra Case is handcrafted with high quality durable synthetic PU leather and inner TPU case. The TPU material provides better shock absorber, scratch resistant and drop protection, it will ensure your phone stay in the TPU shell safely. The wallet case features 2 storage card slots and a side pocket for your cash, credit card, ID card, driver’s license, receipts and other cards without having to take your wallet with you. The magnetic closure keep your phone and the cards inside securely. The flip wallet case will make your life more simple and convenient. This flip case has the adjustable stand function which will bring you more convenience for hands-free movie watching, video chatting and face-to-face chating with multi-viewing angles.

Xiaomi Mi 13 Ultra Cat & Dog Embossed Leather Case with Wrist Strap and Crossbody Strap

Xiaomi Mi 13 Ultra Cat & Dog Embossed Case Made with premium faux leather and protective microfiber printed lining for a subtle detail, satin-like soft and comfortable. it is absolutely gorgeous to the look and to the touch. The leather also ensures a warm, soft grip in the palm of your hand, appreciably lightweight and slim. With skilled workers and delicate stitching makes this cover case durable and stylish. 3 card holder slots and 1 cash pocket for carrying up to 3 cards and some bills yet keeping the phone wallet slim, giving easy access and stylish storage. A perfect all in one. Attached undetachable soft TPU interior shell case for easy installation or removal of Mi 13 Ultra. leather flip case can be fold as a kickstand. The stand feature offers a fabulous viewing when using Face-time and watching films in office, living room, kitchen, tec. Detachable wristband convenient you to carry keys or other small accessories,and also allows you take your phone to anywhere. It will be your perfect partner when go shopping, go for a walk,business trip, short journey or go to work.

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