Samsung will officially launch Galaxy’s new product launch conference in San Francisco on February 20th, and will officially release the new generation of the flagship Galaxy S10 series, which is expected to include the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10 E, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S10 X. At the same time, the folding screen mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Fold is expected to appear on the same stage. The phone is expected to be on sale on March 9.
CaseMe 008 Samsung Galaxy S10 wallet case brown
Now that mobile phone accessories manufacturers have released Samsung S10 series mobile phone accessories in advance, CaseMe is one of them. It is a component manufacturer with 5 years experience in making wallet case. If you like wallet case, you can buy it in advance.

If you prefer professional wallet case design, you will most likely like to try the Samsung Galaxy S10 wallet case. Due to the low profile design. Made of high quality PU leather, the split wallet has 10 card slots. The magnetic clasp ensures that all valuables remain inside and with the required safety. There is also a wristband that allows you to carry your equipment comfortably.

If you are planning to buy other S10 series phones, you can check out these accessories, Samsung Galaxy S10e wallet case, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus wallet case.

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