Verizon, the largest us telecoms company, has announced it will begin pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S10 5G phone. Since the size of Samsung Galaxy S10 5G version is different from that of samsung Galaxy S10, their screen protection film and phone Case cannot be universal. Today we recommend the best Samsung Galaxy S10 Case and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Case.

CaseMe Samsung Galaxy S10 Wallet Case

caseme 007 samsung galaxy s10 wallet case black
CaseMe Case has 10 slots and a purse for carrying cash. In addition, you can insert photos into window slots. High quality PU leather, magnet, PC and non-toxic materials, the support function is very suitable for hands-free use of equipment. Everything makes this case truly unique. If you want to buy this wallet case for the samsung Galaxy S10 5G, you may have to wait a while, as it only supports pre-orders.

iCarer Samsung Galaxy S10 Leather Case

iCarer Samsung Galaxy S10 Genuine Leather Case Black
Made of specially tanned and finished European leather, it offers a soft microfiber lining for your phone and has two large slots for multiple CARDS, cash and receipts.

BRG Samsung Galaxy S10 Zipper Wallet Case

BRG Samsung Galaxy S10 Detachable Zipper Wallet Case Brown
BRG provides storage space for five CARDS and cash on its leather folio. The lid has a magnetic buckle that folds up as a support. Under the soft leather surface, the built-in clasp protects your phone from wear and tear.

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