Three of apple’s iPhone models launched last year were already at rock-bottom prices, and the iPhone 8 Plus now costs roughly the same as the iPhone XR. But the iPhone 8 Plus is more popular, with sales of its accessories soaring. Today, we will recommend the best iPhone 8 Plus wallet case from CaseMe.
Best wallet case for iPhone 8 Plus in 2019
This CaseMe iPhone 8 Plus wallet case is an absolute choice that every iPhone 8 Plus owner should have. The retro design adds elegance because it has 10 slots for storing credit CARDS and id CARDS. Although it can hold up to 10 CARDS, the wallet is thin and easy to carry. The flap does not move because the housing is magnetically closed, which also enhances the screen saver. The precise notch leaves important features such as camera speakers and charging ports easily accessible without removing the wallet.

The information released by the official CaseMe, iPhone 8 Plus wallet case and iPhone 7 Plus wallet case are the same size, meaning they are universal, you don’t need to buy another phone case again.

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