The iPhone 8 is just as thick as the last iPhone, so carrying around both your wallet and your iPhone can make for some bulky pockets or a lot of space taken up in your bag or purse. Wallet cases are among the most useful types of case, as they can slim down your every day carry significantly.

If you have a wallet case for iPhone 7, it’ll fit your iPhone 8 too! Let’s head over to explore the best wallet cases for iPhone 8!

CaseMe iPhone 8 Wallet Case

The case is designed to ensure that none of the cards make any contact to the iPhoneʼs screen.The case itself has a lot of texture and would be usable on itʼs own. The case latches together magnetically though not as strong as we hoped for, The detachable case for the iPhone does not also interfere with Qi-charging of the iPhone 8

The standout feature for the CaseMe Case is the ability to easily remove the iPhone from the case. The case attaches magnetically to the back of the wallet portion and has the perfect amount of magnetic attraction to ensure your iPhone doesnʼt fall out every time you open the wallet case up.

BRG iPhone 8 Zipper Wallet Case

What makes BRG worth giving a serious look is the functional design. It allows you to carry multiple cards and a lot of cash without any pain at all. The zipper closure allows you to securely close the case.

There is also a button to offer additional security to your valuables. Fusion of PU leather and PC have bolstered its durability. Based on your need, you can also detach the case get rid of the unnecessary bulk.

DG.MING iPhone 8 Wallet Case

DG.MING’s wallet case is another cool one. What’s really rad is that you can take your phone right out of the wallet case, and there’s still an awesome PU leather bumper case to protect your phone — it’s two cases in one.

Texting can sometimes be a pain in the ass with a wallet case, since you have to get your hands around your iPhone and the wallet cover, but you can just remove your iPhone in its pleather case and go to town and then pop it back in, thanks to a magnetic backing in the bumper case (just like a magnetic car mount). In fact, this case will work wonderfully with just about any magnetic car mount available.

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