Huawei P20 Pro is very powerful and has a unique three-lens, rear-facing camera system with groundbreaking and peculiar features. There are many ways to reduce the possibility of cell phone breakage, but buying a phone case is not so simple and time-saving.

There are many types of cases – how do you know which one to choose? Don’t worry, we have found some of the best Huawei P20 Pro wallet cases, you can buy these cases to keep your phone very good.

1, Caseme Huawei P20 Pro Wallet Case

Detachable 2 in 1 PU leather pocket full body protective cover case for Huawei P20 Pro. It can accommodate P20 and 10 cards simultaneously. Of course, it can have your P20 Pro all wrapped in a pocket or bag, with a magnetic clasp to keep it closed, and it can also fold the back up and support the phone to watch videos and movies.

2, DG.MING Huawei P20 Pro Detachable Wallet Case

If you are looking for an elegant and practical protection phone while staying in good condition, then DG.MING’s wallet can meet your needs. Because the flip covers protect the screen when not in use, the durable and durable PU skin protects your phone from all angles. The inner casing also helps secure the phone in place and covers both sides, and is used as a more direct protection when the phone is in use, or in the phone’s landscape mode. There is also a card slot on the lining of the case, which has enough space for a credit card, perfect for short trips without the need for a wallet.

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