The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus hands-on video came to online today. The more awkward scene in the video is that the film in the lower middle position has a circular shape missing, which may mean that the screen protection film is not compatible with the fingerprint of the ultrasonic screen. While the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus screen protector is a awful in this video, but Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Wallet Case doesn’t have this flaw, and it may well protect the phone’s screen.
Best screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
This CaseMe Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Wallet Case has an edge that is 1mm higher than the phone to protect the phone screen from damage and scratches. Made of high-end PC and soft PU material, it is strong enough to be a durable companion for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Thanks to its rugged housing, it provides the required impact protection.

So this CaseMe Wallet Case is great for protecting the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus screen. If you don’t want to buy a defective screen protector, consider this.

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