The Samsung Galaxy S20 series has been exposed in numerous leaked renderings, and as far as design is concerned, little mystery has been discovered. The new design requires new accessories, and various third-party Case makers have begun preparing cases, many of which can now be ordered/pre-ordered through CaseMe Case ahead of the smartphone’s official launch on Feb. 11. Let’s take a look at some of the best Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus case.

CaseMe Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Wallet Case
The suede material is non-slip on a smooth surface, stain resistant, and water repellent. The clasp still clung tightly to the wallet. The zipper is still smooth. A properly sized card slot can still hold the card firmly in place. It has enough space to hold the card. CaseMe Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Wallet Case looks like a mini wallet with magnetic parts that can be separated to make it slimmer.

i-Carer Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Leather Case
This is one of the best cases I have found to protect my new Galaxy S20+. The entire case is carefully crafted, looks professional, and protects all four corners and sides of the phone. In addition, the inside of the cover is lined with smooth leather to prevent the screen from being scratched when the cover is closed. The lid remains closed due to the magnetic force, which is sufficient to keep it closed, the lid will flip to the back, and it will remain in place due to the magnetic force.

BRG Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Zipper Case
It can hold all the cards and has cash storage space in the other pocket. The handle on the top holds my hand comfortably when carrying it. The magnet is very sturdy and it securely protects your phone when you apply a button lock. This zipper is partially spread out for easy cash access. There is an internal security / pocket with zipper, and can hold pens and post-it notes, business cards or other items. Similarly, the credit card portion does not adjoin the magnetized area. The magnetic phone case has a firm grip and a charming two-tone design. It’s more expensive than other wallets, but it’s worth it.

In addition to the Galaxy S20, samsung is expected to release the Galaxy Z Flip on Feb. 11. It will be samsung’s second foldable smartphone. Are you going to buy the Samsung Galaxy S20 case before the smartphone launch to make the wait easier? Which Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra case do you find more attractive?

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