Since the release of the Samsung Galaxy S10, it has been a huge commercial success. Compared with last year’s Samsung Galaxy S9, the new machine is further innovated in hardware. Taking the fingerprint sensor as an example, the Galaxy S10 does not choose a screen-based optics, but an ultrasound-based fingerprinting solution – the latter provides better security. Unfortunately, this feature has encountered some problems. Many users complain that the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is not working well.

Samsung officially said: “In many cases, users will find that the fingerprint scanner is not working properly, such as the environment or finger skin is too dry, or scratches on the fingerprint, or a tempered screen protector is installed.” So how do I choose the right way to protect the screen?

CaseMe accessories manufacturers after 30,000 tests, finally solved the problem of the Samsung Galaxy S10 ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. It introduced an ultra-thin nano-level protective film. It feels like no protective film is installed. You can’t feel it. .

Now, it’s launching a campaign. When you buy the CaseMe Samsung Galaxy S10 or CaseMe Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, you get a nano-level protective film and precise Samsung Galaxy S10 skin and camera lens skin for free.

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