Mobile phone security is always the most important for users. The Samsung Galaxy S10 series phone still uses 2D face unlock technology. The 2D face unlock technology can’t judge whether the face is an image or a real person, so put the photo in front of the selfie lens, It will be unlocked. Mobile phone protection is also essential, screen repair costs are very expensive, the official screen repair needs $300, so we recommend that you take protective measures, we recommend 2019 best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus case for you.

CaseMe Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
CaseMe 008 Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus wallet case brown
This CaseMe Case has a vintage design, and on the vintage leather, it has 5 slots. The raised edge narrows at the bottom, allowing you to plug in the charging cable and hands-free without any hassle. The inner casing provides protection and impact resistance at the corners and edges. The material of the housing does not interfere with wireless charging.

iCarer Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
iCarer Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
This iCarer case is made of genuine leather and has a curved screen design. The inner casing enhances its construction, making it easy to withstand impact. The soft microfiber lining protects the Samsung s10 plus screen from scratches.

BRG Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
BRG Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus wallet case
Rustic brown leather, beautiful and durable. This BRG case is compatible with wireless charging, so you don’t need to take the samsung s10 plus out of the case to fill it with juice, you can carry a license and 5 credit cards plus 4-5 banknotes and some business cards, maybe more, But there is pressure on the zipper. The zipper is of good quality. This is perfect when you don’t want to carry your wallet. It is not cumbersome at all, and it also comes with a wristband.

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