Samsung released the Galaxy S10 in New York. Whole series of a total of three phone – 6.1 inch S10, 6.4 inch S10 Plus and 6.4 inch S10e. Samsung S10 and S10 Plus was the first officially commercial ultrasonic fingerprint technology of mobile phone, is also first the AMOLED adopted dug hole design of the mobile phone. We don’t suggest you buy the screen protective film, because it will affect the ultrasonic fingerprint identification. Here, we recommend a few 2019 best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Case, it can protect the cell phone, does not affect the beauty of the phone.

CaseMe Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Wallet Case
CaseMe 008 Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus wallet case brown
The outstanding feature of the CaseMe Case is the easy removal of the S10+ from the shell. The case is magnetically attached to the back of the wallet section and has a perfect magnetic attraction to ensure that the S10+ will not fall off each time the wallet is opened. This feature is similar to BUDU Settings, but CaseMe only USES magnets.

iCarer Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Leather Case
iCarer Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Curved Edge Vintage Genuine Leather Case
The real beauty of iCarer lies in its fashionable design. High – grade Italian cattle leather makes its structure very durable. The inner part of the microfiber further strengthens its shell. Make it able to withstand the impact.

BRG Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Wallet Case
BRG Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus wallet case
The PC case enhances its structure; Make it easy to withstand bumps. It comes with a cash bag and 5 card slots. The buckle allows you to fasten the case firmly.

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