Samsung has officially launched its latest flagship product, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. It’s a stunning smartphone with a 6.9-inch AMOLED. However, if you drop and damage the phone, all the charm will be useless. From rugged cases to wallet cases, we’ve selected the best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cases to make your new phone safer and more reliable.

A veteran of casings and cases, CaseMe was one of the first to protect smartphones. Fortunately for Note 20 Ultra users, the popular CaseMe 008 series is just in time for the release. The CaseMe Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra protective case combines TPU and polycarbonate to provide a double-decker design that ensures your phone is free of scratches, bruises and hard falls. It has a rubber-like bottom that can be held firmly, which is especially important on such a large phone.

ICarer has been another brand in the case industry for a long time. The Retro collection is a top choice for those who want to add ergonomics and military-grade protection. The back has a hexagonal pattern, allowing the fingers to rest while holding the phone in horizontal or vertical mode. Raised bezels surround the top, bottom and sides to secure the curved edges of the Note 20 Ultra when dropped. There’s plenty of room at the bottom for you to use the S Pen. ICarer Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a variety of colors to choose from, and if you have multiple colors, you can mix and match these layers to add a personal touch.

If you need something sturdier to keep it safe, the BRG Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Case and DG.MING Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Case are great, while the shiny bumper covers the shockabsorbing gel at the corners and top/bottom edges. I love the bold red and bronzed look, but the rainbow version blends well with the mysterious white.

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