Samsung has finally unveiled the Galaxy Note 20, the latest in a line of top-of-the-line flagship phones, an impressive device and a hefty price tag. When you pick up your new phone, you might want to put it in the case as soon as possible to make sure nothing bad happens. We’ve rounded up the best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 cases so far for you to choose from.

The Galaxy Note 20 May be the smaller of the two new phones, but it’s still a larger and more expensive phone, and the CaseMe Case will provide grip and crash protection to protect your precious new phone. If you want to protect yourself in a simpler form, the CaseMe Samsung Galaxy Note 20 offers excellent grip and scratch protection.

ICarer Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leather cases never disappoint in their fitting and touch. The cases continue the somewhat natural, earthy look of this year’s Note 20 color lineup, with lovely shades of brown, khaki and red.

If you prefer a sturdy case, the BRG Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has more grip than ever and should help your Note 20 withstand the most reasonable drop. BRG says it can withstand drops as high as 13 feet, but we hope we don’t have to actually test it.

DG.MING Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultrathin hard shell doesn’t offer much protection, but it protects the Note 20 from scratches, adds a bit of grip, and if you don’t like black, it gives you a more vibrant red or blue and brown.

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