This year’s high-end mobile phone Galaxy S20. It has a huge AMOLED display, a smooth lubrication refresh rate of 120Hz, a powerful camera system and a large capacity of 5,000 mAh. If you want to make your phone experience better, it is worth buying a Samsung Galaxy S20 case. This not only ensures the protection of the S20 in daily use, but also ensures that it looks good when used.

CaseMe Samsung Galaxy S20 Leather Wallet Case
If you think the CaseMe case provides you with a lot of memory card space. It can hold 11 credit cards, three cash slots and a zippered coin pocket, in which case you can store almost anything. We also really like the leather used, which has a unique distressed pattern.

iCarer Samsung Galaxy S20 Genuine Leather Case
iCarer is very proud of its work, and the company’s Galaxy S20 leather wallet exemplifies this. Handmade from European matte leather, this is one of the best leather cases you can buy for the S20. Its price depends on its quality, but it is well worth it.

BRG Samsung Galaxy S20 Leather Case
BRG is another excellent leather choice. The case is 100% hand-made, with unique craftsmanship and precise stitching, it looks great. You will find pockets for five credit cards, an ID / photo slot, and a place to store cash. There is a zipper that opens to reveal a small wallet, providing you with more storage space.

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