In the past we have published the best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 wallet case in 2018. Today, we want to say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 case is a high-end, business people often use it. I believe everyone has guessed it, yes, that is the most popular Leather case.

iCarer Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Genuine Leather Case

This is a very beautiful leather case. I like the leather material made with it, the full grain leather is thick and not bulky. The phone case lining is incredibly soft. You can see the quality from the photo. The curved edge design provides full protection for the galaxy note 9 expensive screen and the fragile glass back cover. This is an elegant choice, making the exterior look clean and beautiful, just like Note 9 itself.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Vintage Leather Wallet Case

The leather is rich, soft and smells great! The card slot and zip wallet are very convenient. Make the expensive Samsung note 9 safe and well protected. All cuts and holes look obvious, as well as a stronger magnetic clasp. Unique detachable 2-in-1 design that meets any needs in everyday life.

DG.MING Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Cowhide Leather Wallet Case

It is made from the softest top cowhide and has plenty of room for credit cards, driver’s licenses and cash. It can provide some protection for the back and sides of the phone, even in the cushioned corners to better prevent falling. Every detail has been carefully treated, the real leather is intoxicating. This is a luxury that is extremely cheap. worth buy it.

X-Level Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Ultra thin Leather Case

Best Leather Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 9
This leather case has no flip cover, ultra-thin design, you can’t feel its weight. When you touch this phone case, it is silky and smooth, and it feels very comfortable. Covers the border of the Galaxy Note 9 completely, and the soft lining avoids scratches. If you like this style, try it.

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