While we like to fawn over the design and finish of the iPhone 7 Plus, there’s a cold hard truth most of us don’t want to address: we’re just going to stick it in a case. That’s especially true if you have (or plan on buying) the Jet Black model, which even Apple says scratches far too easily. Don’t worry, though; your premium phone deserves a premium case, and we’ve got a few suggestions for your new iPhone Case.

CaseMe Case
If there’s one thing you can rely on, it’s that CaseMe will have great products ready for the new iPhone around the time you’re actually receiving it.

While the product line hasn’t changed much from last year, CaseMe nonetheless made sure its kit was iPhone 7-ready. You can currently grab its flagship 007 for the 7 Plus, as well as the slightly tougher Armour. If you’re looking for a iPhone 7 plus wallet case, it is your best bet.

iCarer Case
Some iPhone 7 plus owners like their phones bare. We get it. You really like the design, but might want to resell your phone when the 7S or 8 lands, so keeping it as close to mint as possible is important.

For that, we suggest iCarer iPhone 7 plus cases. They’re about as thin as you can get at just 0.35mm (!). The cases also have a little ridge to protect your iPhone 7 plus’s camera bump.

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