If you want to keep both your phone and wallet in one place, a wallet case is a great solution. If you’re going to buy an Apple iPhone 12. Here are the best iPhone 12 wallet cases, all in stock, and you’re sure to find the one that works best for you.

If you don’t have a minimalist wallet case, you’ll need to take a look at this full-featured CaseMe wallet case. It holds up to 10 CARDS and cash, and has a window to display your ID. The removable wristband brings you convenience and security. When not in use, the magnetic clasp can keep the PU leather case closed. The front speaker hole allows you to talk on the phone even with your portfolio closed. The TPU inner box holds the iPhone 12 firmly inside. The CaseMe iPhone 12 folds into a stand to watch video.

The BRG iPhone 12 looks LIKE PU, and the built-in TPU case holds the iPhone 12 firmly in place. It ACTS as a built-in stand that lets you watch videos from several different perspectives. There are three card slots, plus a larger slot for cash or more CARDS. Magnetic card closes the portfolio when not in use. Since the card and cash are stored in the front cover, wireless charging is supported.

DG.MING iPhone 12 has a slot on the back for up to three CARDS and cash. The textured edges on the case provide grip, so you’re less likely to drop the iPhone. Protective airbags provide extra cushion for vulnerable corners when dropped. This is compatible with wireless charging.

The POLA iPhone 12 case looks like a normal iPhone case, but the back cover opens to reveal a hidden compartment that can hold up to six CARDS. Compared with most wallet cases, it is not only bulky, but also simple lines, stylish appearance. The inner part of the shell is shock absorbing TPU, while the outer part is rigid polycarbonate. Together, these two layers provide good protection for your iPhone 12.

With time passing by, the full leather of iCarer iPhone 12 will become warm verdigris. Two CARDS can be folded in the front flap. Since there’s no card on the back of the slim device, you can charge the iPhone 12 wirelessly. The open cover can be folded into a bracket for viewing the video. Thick plastic keeps the phone safe, while elegant leather wraps enhance your style.

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