With Apple’s 2020 lineup unveiled, it’s time to take a look at all the best new iPhone 12 cases. We’ve collected all the best and most interesting phone cases from the best known in the company for Apple’s latest phones.

All the best iPhone 12 cases can be found in CaseMe Case, including iPhone 12 Pro case, iPhone 12 Pro Max case and iPhone 12 Mini case. While we are still waiting for the new product to launch, this position will be updated over the next few days and beyond as more options become available.

The CaseMe iPhone 12 Pro Max case USES magnetic suction technology to protect the iPhone, especially in case of edge drop. The housing will have a raised edge, a recessed back and a non-slip handle. All of these cases for the iPhone 12 series will be multiple layers, allowing you to choose different designs.

DG.MING iPhone 12 Pro Max case with new screen protector. The screen protector is also a toughened glass, designed specifically for privacy. It limits the visibility of the Apple iPhone’s screen from the side, making it impossible for anyone around you to peek and see what’s on the screen.

POLA has launched its new iPhone 12 Pro Max wallet case, which is designed for cyclists with essentials: iphones, cash, CARDS, ids, car keys and more. This is a bulletproof nylon and full grain leather purse.

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