One of the nice things about owning an iPhone is that because it’s so popular, you can use all kinds of accessories. Every respected phone case maker will have its lineup ready ahead of the new iPhone, especially CaseMe Case, which launched MagSafe for the iPhone. Unlike MagSafe, which was used to protect laptops from the pull of charging cables, the new iteration serves a dual purpose.

We also have another brand new accessory, the magnetic iPhone leather wallet. Yes, the wallet case has been around ever since, but thanks to MagSafe, it’s a much simpler option. The iPhone Leather Wallet is actually a Leather pouch attached to a slot on the back of the iPhone 12 Pro. If you want to minimize pocket size, the CaseMe iPhone 12 Pro is a great solution. You might put your driver’s license and credit card on it, so you can throw away your wallet when you go to the gym, for example.

Silica gel case is one of the most popular iPhone cases. ICarer iPhone 12 Pro has MagSafe compatibility and can be carried easily. The reason the case also has MagSafe is probably because the new flat-panel iPhone 12 Pro is not designed to hold the phone properly. Now, silicone cases with MagSafe can be easily attached to the iPhone and quickly removed if needed.

This year’s “clean case” case is unclear, and some may be unhappy. But for MagSafe to work properly, you need to have magnets stick to something, so the transparent box now has metal rings embedded in it. DG.MING iPhone 12 Pro connects to the phone through the case, which may help with positioning. Either way, the new boxes aren’t as clean as they used to be, but it’s a convenience sacrifice.

POLA iPhone 12 Pro has its own unique and artistic atmosphere, which not only provides protection for your iPhone 12 Pro, but also brings you a fresh and cool look. So they could become very popular, which would get rid of the uniqueness of the design. However, if monochrome situations are too boring for you, they are a good choice.

These iPhone 12 Pro cases look as simple as Apple’s silicone cases, but they’re actually more fun. The BRG iPhone 12 Pro case is a combination of two colors, one for the back and one for the side. That may be a small difference, but it’s enough to make them stand out. The case is thin, but the grip feels good, and the camera has a raised bezel around the notch that protects the lens when you place the phone on a hard surface.

What MagSafe attachments do you expect in the future?
As you can see, the selection of MagSafe attachments is currently limited. But as ecosystems evolve, what other accessories do we need?

MagSafe car mounts
Car mounts are the most obvious option. Typically, the car mounts use clips that hold the phone in place, or you must use a special case with a metal plate to attach the phone to the magnetic car mounts. Now, with the iPhone itself embedded with magnets, we should see some very simple car mounts that will be very convenient to use with the iPhone 12.

MagSafe PopSockets
We’re not sure how strong the magnets are in the iPhone, but they’re probably strong enough to hold popsockets. This is handy because you can easily delete it if you don’t want to in some cases. But then again, would you believe that your phone only hangs from a magnet? We may soon find out.

MagSafe controllers
Apple’s new chip is perfect for mobile games, but to get the ultimate experience, you need a good controller. With MagSafe, you can easily capture the controller for any iPhone 12. This will also lead to more compact designs.

MagSafe Desktop Organizer
Imagine a wireless charger/desk organizer instead of laying the space on your desk flat on the wall, hang your iPhone on it as if it were floating and charging at the same time! We’re almost guaranteed to see something like this in the foreseeable future. Any incoming notifications will be clearly visible, adding another point to the “convenience” column.

MagSafe backplates
Many people don’t like to use mobile phone cases because they add to the size of the phone or hide the delicate design of the phone. But with the new iPhone, you can place a uniquely designed superplate on top of it, and the plate will stick to the back like a second skin, essentially letting you change the phone’s color at will. Of course, more “complex” backs use metal only where the magnets allow wireless charging, but some may be all-metal to improve durability. In this case, making the camera bumpy is actually a benefit, as it will ensure that the back panel doesn’t move around or slide off easily.

MagSafe power banks
We’ve all seen people holding mobile phones and charging them at the same time. Apple already has a battery case in it, but with MagSafe, you can have a slim, slim portable power source that can be attached to the iPhone 12 and charged wirelessly. Again, super convenient.

These are just a few of the features MagSafe can use, but we’re sure there will be many more apps in the months and years to come. We’re pretty sure the new MagSafe standard is here to stay, so any accessories you get will also be compatible with the next iPhone.

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