The front ceramic glass on the iPhone 12 can indeed be said to be the most durable glass Apple has ever used in a mobile phone, but it is not completely scratch-resistant. And the rear uses the same fragile materials as the previous iPhone. There are many options to make your iPhone 12 Mini look incredible while ensuring safety. You can choose between plastic, silicone, transparent and leather housing. There is even a MagSafe protective cover, which can automatically magically click on the back of the phone. Here are the best iPhone 12 Mini cases that caught my eye.

The reason why I like CaseMe leather cases is because of a unique reason, they use a removable wallet zipper design. CaseMe iPhone 12 Mini is a full leather case, including the sides. If you are looking for a place to stick your cards, you can use a wallet box that allows you to hide a few cards on the back.

DG.MING iPhone 12 Mini Wallet case can hold 4 cards and some cash. The durable leather folio will also develop patina over time and can absorb severe drops and shocks. You may want to invest in glass protectors to ensure that these cards will not scratch the screen in the end.

The POLA iPhone 12 Mini wallet cases are all handmade from full-grain leather. They are sewn with flat stitches and have a flat cover that can hold 5-7 cards and cash. You can also add an optional elastic cord to fix the phone case. This is a folio protective cover, you can keep it for a while.

I was impressed by the thickness of the iCarer iPhone 12 Mini case. Especially because even Apple’s own MagSafe card wallet is more eye-catching. If the wallet model doesn’t suit you, then make sure you check one of the many iPhone 12 Mini cases provided by iCarer-everything from ultra-thin to transparent, and it can even be mounted on a bicycle holder.

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