Dropping an iPhone doesn’t have to be the end of the world. While there are plenty of durable options on the market, they are the best iPhone 11 Pro Max cases. The cases are designed with a built-in screen saver. These iPhone 11 Pro Max cases work to protect the screen and camera from everyday use.

In addition to fighting dust and moisture, the CaseMe full body case also prevents falls up to 20 feet. Its built-in screen protector is resistant to scratching without affecting touch sensitivity. The CaseMe iPhone 11 Pro Max case contains a variety of pigments that have a clear underlining to make your device’s true color glow.

DG.MING iPhone 11 Pro Max case also provides full protection for your device, as it can withstand a drop of 6.6ft to ensure maximum protection against accidental injuries.

The POLA iPhone 11 Pro Max TPU bumper case is shock-resistant, scratch-resistant and thin with good grip, making it easy to carry in your pocket. The four raised edges of the case reinforce the corners to help absorb accidental drops and protect it from vibrations to ensure it doesn’t crack the camera or front display.

The slim case of iCarer iPhone 11 Pro Max is strong and durable, and has a full range of magnetic protection functions. It also provides some additional privacy; You can only view the screen from the front, while onlookers can only see the black screen on either side of the phone. The metal frame is anti-fall and shock-absorbing, which is the best way to protect the phone from scratches and stains.

The BRG iPhone 11 Pro Max case has undergone a military drop test and has a built-in protector with two layers that provides excellent protection elements. The raised edges are designed to keep the screen and camera safe, and the four corners of the case absorb vibrations effectively. In this case it is also wireless compatible and easy to disassemble.

If your budget is tight, the Denior iPhone 11 Pro Max full body case will also protect your iPhone while saving you some cash. Its minimal design makes the case almost invisible, but the reinforced raised edges prevent accidental falls and absorb shock well. Whatever your needs, these tips will keep your phone safe while maintaining a stylish look.

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