The new iPhone 11 has made many people happy, but the iPhone 11 is as susceptible to a crash on the ground as most other phones. If you want to keep your pricey new phone free of scratches and cracks, you’ll need a case that not only protects your iPhone, but also looks good when used. To help you get the job done easily, we tested some of the best-selling iPhone 11 cases and rounded up all of them, from the thinnest to the toughest.

Not only does the CaseMe Case have one extra storage area, it also has two. On the inside of the wallet, you will find four deep card slots. When you open the opening of the lid, you will find two side pockets. One inside, one outside. The CaseMe iPhone 11 can completely replace your wallet or wallet.

DG.MING iPhone 11 leather cases are made of finely sewn ultra-soft cowhide and are fun to grip. The internal frame into which the iPhone is placed is made of soft silicone, which makes it easy to remove, and the internal surface is made of soft microfiber, which prevents the back of the iPhone from fraying. The camera and flash cases are also very accurate.

The Denior iPhone 11 real leather case has three card slots on the back and an extra wallet pouch for storing cash. But what’s really nice about this particular Denior box is that it comes with nice magnetic buttons, so if you stuff the front cover with a credit card, the front cover won’t stay open, which is what some other wallet cases do. There’s also a horizontal stand feature, although we’re not sure how useful it is for a small screen.

The POLA iPhone 11 has a thick case and a bulky case, but the button cover is pleasingly pressed and the port notch is nice and precise. The whole line manages to stay sleek, with some silicone that helps absorb shock, but it doesn’t offer the same level of protection as the other options. Understandably, it gets a little tired when you drag it around for a long time to take a picture. Still, it’s a major compromise for many wallet boxes on the market.

ICarer iPhone 11 leather cases such as portfolio protection has many advantages. It can be fixed in a pair of open protective sleeve, and protect its side not to fall off. The case also doubles as a stand, allowing you to easily view content on the iPhone 11. Not only does this protect your phone, but its RFID blocking feature also protects your card.

If you just want to pick up your phone, the BRG iPhone 11 case might be for you. The case has a simple leather aesthetic that provides some minor protection while also elevating the style. It may not be the most protective, since the bottom is open and there isn’t much lip protection to protect the monitor, but it has a few conveniences. There are two card slots in the back of the suitcase, so you can let go of your wallet and carry your ID and credit card with you wherever you go.

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