Samsung has officially released its latest flagship phone – Galaxy S20, and it looks like an impressive phone. Whether it’s a stunning screen or the amazing performance of its camera, if you’re buying a Samsung Galaxy S20, you need to protect it from damage. There are already a lot of phone cases on the market, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Samsung Galaxy S20 cases for you here.

CaseMe Samsung Galaxy S20 wallet case
All CaseMe cases have the same high-quality leather finish and are all handmade to add an elegant impression. Their Samsung Galaxy S20 Wallet Case lets you carry your phone in a stylish and unique way, while also providing practical features such as card slots and pockets. If you want a case that showcases your unique tastes, that’s a good choice.

iCarer Samsung Galaxy S20 genuine leather case
The iCarer Samsung Galaxy S20 case is made of genuine leather and looks and feels great. A magnetic clasp secures the cover of the portfolio in place, which can also be folded into a stand. Exquisite leather gives your Galaxy S20 a first-class style. Available in 4 colors, you can guarantee a close fit with the official box-plus excellent drop protection from shock-resistant internal materials.

BRG Samsung Galaxy S20 Leather Wallet Case
The BRG case is inspired by vintage leather wallets, bringing some expertise and style to the wallet. Each wallet has a simple plastic bracket that holds the S20 in place, while the leather-wrapped case has a magnetic buckle. The inner cover is soft and can hold 5 slots for credit cards or IDs. There are various openings for easy access to everything, including the camera on the back.

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