Every year when the new iPhone comes out, it will be tested for anti-fall. This year is no exception. In the test, the phone dropped from a height of 1 meter. For the first time, the iPhone XS Max was facing down and the results were severely damaged. The second time, face down, the iPhone Xs Max screen is almost completely broken. At the press conference, Cook said that the new iPhone uses the most solid glass and screen, but it seems that as long as your new iphone falls to the ground, it will basically break the screen, so you must take protective measures. Today, we recommend several iPhone XS Max case with the best anti-drop performance.

CaseMe iPhone XS Max Wallet Case

Best Case for iPhone XS Max
The wallet phone case not only has a wallet function, but also enhances drop protection. CaseMe has many years of experience in making wallet cases. It comfortably includes the iPhone XS Max, 14 credit cards, 1 driver’s license, 2 subway cards and a few banknotes. Just don’t overdo it, think about minimalism and only include necessities.

BRG iPhone XS Max Zipper Wallet Case

Best Case for iPhone XS Max
As you can see from the picture above, this phone case has very good protection performance, 360-degree protection for your new iPhone. The case is made of high-quality PC and TPU materials, which enhances its strength. Easily resist falling. There is a makeup mirror in the wallet to make up. There are slots for carrying your card with you, no need to carry an extra wallet.

iCarer iPhone XS Max Leather Case

Best Case for iPhone XS Max
This retro leather case gives your iPhone a vintage look. Made of high quality leather, leather gives you a soft feel. This iPhone case is truly leather-made and uses durability and protection.

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