Samsung just released the latest Galaxy S20 series mobile phones. Most notably, these phones are very large. The Galaxy S20 Ultra uses a large 6.9-inch display. Larger screens increase the risk of bumps, drops and scratches. We put together a list of the best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra cases to keep your phone safe.

CaseMe Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra wallet case
The CaseMe Wallet Case is made of full-grain European leather with a soft inner layer to protect your phone, and a plastic holder holds it in place. The cover can hold 5 credit or travel cards, and the phone’s display is completely covered when not in use, and is equipped with a magnetic buckle to close it. Since this is real leather, each case has its own unique surface treatment effect, and patina will gradually develop with age.

iCarer Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra leather case
The elegant design of the iCarer leather case may win your favor. This protective case is not intended to absorb the impact of water droplets, but to give your S20 Ultra a unique look and provide some protection against slight scratches. The surface of the leather is very hard, but I hope it will make people more gripped. With a compact form factor, you certainly won’t cause any problems with wireless charging. The charger and headphone port holes are perfectly cut and the entire package fits easily in your pocket.

BRG Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra zipper wallet case
The BRG Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is ideal for wallet holsters. Its large size means it is already awkward, so you might as well put it in a box that can hold 8 credit cards and cash. The cover of the faux leather portfolio adds almost no bulk, and it also protects the screen when you slide the screen into your pocket.

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