The iPhone XS Max has been exposed by the Sydney users to a green line on the mobile phone screen. As more and more users receive the new iPhone, the iPhone XS MAX has a growing number of bugs. In particular, the dual card dual standby function, the main card supports 4G network, but the secondary card only supports 2G network, the consumer is quite disappointed. The user just received a new phone and accidentally dropped it on the desk, break the screen, the screen is very fragile, you need to buy iPhone XS Max case.

CaseMe iPhone XS Max Wallet Case

Best Case for iPhone XS Max
CaseMe has been manufacturing high quality wallet cases for many years, and its iPhone XS Max wallet case is the perfect combination of style and function. Your iPhone XS Max card is in a hard plastic case inside the case, and the dual camera on the back still has enough space to prevent the lens from touching any plane. It can hold up to 14 credit cards and supports wireless charging.

iCarer iPhone XS Max Genuine Leather Case

Best Case for iPhone XS Max
iCarer is a supplier of very fine leather products, from cell phone cases to wallets to laptop bags and handbags, which is why its Curved Edge Vintage case is one of the best leather cases for a $1,000 iPhone.

BRG iPhone XS Max Zipper Wallet Case

Best Case for iPhone XS Max
This case has a shock-absorbing TPU that is flexible and scratch-resistant, and a hard polycarbonate plastic outer layer that prevents collisions and drops. Suitable for anyone who is worried about damaging their beautiful and expensive iPhone XS Max. It can hold up to 10 credit cards and has a zip pocket for storing headphones, mobile power, lipstick and more.

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