As we all know, since the announcement of the cancellation of the earphone jack of the mobile phone, Apple has been vomited by countless users. However, when the Apple AirPods Bluetooth headset was released, many talents found that exquisite and stylish AirPods headsets can not only bring a new user experience, they are even better than wired headsets in terms of sound quality and appearance. Even the charging compartment that stores battery life for the headset has become extremely high-end. Today’s AirPods case and the release to the third generation, the new AirPods Pro headphones, stylish and simple shell, pure white classic color scheme, just like a mobile phone, people will be able to put it down in a moment.

This AirPods Pro leather case launched by iCarer is made of high-quality leather material. It can bring you a more delicate and smooth grip, and it also improves the anti-skid performance. It is more comfortable and appropriate. .

The leather material shows the high-end quality sense and the fashionable and simple design style. Take it in your hand to show the unique taste of the user. At the same time, the protective cover adopts 360-degree all-inclusive protection, and the split structure design can be prepared for several at a time. It can be matched according to your own taste and taste.

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