According to the information disclosed by the Apple industry chain, this year Apple will release a new generation of iPhone in September this year. It is still three models. You can understand that it is an upgraded version of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, but the design are not changed. The most obvious change is the rear camera upgrade to three cameras, and the front design is not much different from the 2018 iPhone.

However, the published information also mentioned that Apple’s iPhone to be released in 2020 will cost a lot of time, because the shape will change, such as the use of screen fingerprints, and will also support 5G network (Qualcomm baseband), In addition, the rear camera will also add 3D induction and so on.

2019 The new iPhone will be equipped with the latest A13 processor and iOS 13 system, the storage will be upgraded from the original 64G to 128G, in addition to the iOS system and processor upgrades, there is almost no major change. The A13 processor will use TSMC’s 7nm EUV process with 8 cores, which will further reduce power consumption and performance.

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