The Apple Developer Conference opened yesterday, and the official website also released an upgrade list that supports iOS 13. It may be regrettable for older models because the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 models are no longer supported. Obviously, Apple hopes to speed up the replacement cycle and promote its new mobile phone.

Apple’s new iOS 13 system speed has increased significantly, thanks to the different packaging methods of iOS 13 applications, the volume is reduced by 50%, the update will be reduced by 60%, and the application opening speed will be doubled. iOS 13 also brings a dark mode, which can turn the interface background into black, and then match the light-colored fonts, trying to make the user have a more comfortable experience in the dark environment. This mode also has a certain improvement in the life of the mobile phone.

However, for the relatively old iPhones such as iPhone 5s, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, etc., it has been impossible to upgrade this new system. The new iOS 13 system is very powerful, and it requires more memory space and a more powerful CPU. The old iPhone that was released four or five years ago has a lower configuration and it is difficult to support the new system. After the upgrade of iOS 12, some old iPhones have experienced some new features, but the fluency of mobile phones has also been greatly reduced.

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