Recently, apple’s official website updated the official maintenance project fee table, adding about the iPhone11 series of specific maintenance cost details. According to the price list released by the Apple, the price of repairing or replacing the screen of the three iPhone11 models in the official after-sales channels is $220 for the iPhone11, $310 for the iPhone11 Pro and $360 for the iPhone11 Pro Max.

Apple’s after-sales service is completely different from that of most mobile phone manufacturers. There is no distinction between detailed parts damage. There are only two criteria for iPhone maintenance, one is screen damage and the other is other damage. Other damage to the three iPhone11 models can cost as much as $650 from $400, according to apple’s standards.

So we must do a good job of mobile phone protection measures, iPhone 11 mobile phone case has become an essential accessory, it can not only protect your new mobile phone screen, but also decorate your mobile phone, stand out from the many mobile phones, help you save a lot of maintenance costs.

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