According to data provided by the Chinese mobile phone market, sales of the iPhone XR have increased by more than 80% after price cuts. Therefore, Apple will increase orders for 20 million iPhone XRs, and the first orders will be issued from the end of March. Chinese handset accessory makers have followed suit by ramping up production of the iPhone XR Case.

CaseMe iPhone XR
iPhone XR Case
The best thing about CaseMe wallet is that it allows you to travel easily. You can easily store three or four credit or debit CARDS as well as your id card. In addition, you can insert photos into window slots. The pocket under the card slot can hold cash. Premium PU leather, magnets, PC and non-toxic materials all make this situation truly incomparable.

BRG iPhone XR
iPhone XR Case
The BRG wallet feels smooth when used to protect your phone. This is a high-quality case designed for the iPhone XR. Therefore, when you load it into the phone, there is no trouble. The combination of structural materials makes the wallet strong and provides high protection. Sponge fabric and real pickup bag finish bring soft touch. By covering the power and volume buttons, the phone can be fully protected from scratches, collisions and dust. Despite its heavy-duty design, the wallet is extremely lightweight.

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