The OnePlus 11 has the same glass back as its last year’s model. If placed on a rough surface, it is easy to produce scratches. If dropped carelessly, it may break. Therefore, it is better to have a case rather than regret not buying it later. A good phone case or cover can protect your smartphone from bumps, scratches and falls. Moreover, it will even bring extra practicability to your smart phone, and adding wallet functions, brackets and other useful functions. To help you find the perfect OnePlus, we have collected the best OnePlus 11 cases on the market.

  1. OnePlus 11 Luxury Leather Zipper Wallet Case with Wrist Strap and 7 Card Slots

OnePlus 11 Leather Zipper Wallet Case is made of high-quality PU leather and soft TPU inner shell, providing four-corner protection for your phone. The automatic magnetic seal can safely close the wallet and protect your mobile phone, credit card and cash. The excellent OnePlus 11 case is also featured with multifunctional design, which can be used to store and fix the portable wallet. Multiple slots allow you to carry 6 credit cards and cash. This case makes it easier to watch movies or videos on your phone. It is easy to open as a book with a built-in holder, so you can easily make hands-free video calls, read or watch movies anywhere.

  1. CaseNeo OnePlus 11 Luxury PU Leather Wallet Case with 3 Card Slots

CaseNeo OnePlus 11 Leather Case features durable synthetic PU leather and TPU leather, provides optimal shockproof protection from everyday bumps, knocks, drops, scratches and marks and ensures that your device remains protected, safe and secured at all times. Precise cut and perfect perspective can easily access all available functions of the smart phone. The adjustable bracket function will bring you more convenience, allowing you to watch movies, video chat and face-to-face chat from multiple perspectives. This wallet case is designed with 3 card slots and one cash pocket, which can ensure that your ID card, credit card and cash are always safe.

  1. CaseNeo OnePlus 11 Leather Wallet Case with RFID Blocking Card Holder Slots

CaseNeo OnePlus 11 Wallet Case is featured with RFID shielding technology, built-in RFID blocking material, which can shield RFID signals and protect your card information. This case is made of selected leather and soft TPU inner shell, ensure your phone will not fall and bump, looks very fashionable and feels natural and soft. Most credit cards, debit cards and ID cards are set in RFID chips. The OnePlus 11 case has 2 card slots and a side pocket for storing money or other cards. The magnetic seal provides a safe and reliable lock, which can make your box tightly closed. You can use the phone case as a stand to watch videos or movies from the best angle and get a comfortable visual experience.

  1. OnePlus 11 Cat & Dog Embossed Leather Case with Wrist Strap and Crossbody Strap

OnePlus 11 Embossed Leather Case built in 3 card slots and 1 cash slot. Free hand wrist strap and crossbody strap, easy to take your mobile phone anywhere. Made of high-quality durable PU leather and updated soft TPU inner shell, providing comprehensive body and screen protection for the phone. Support kickstand function, making it easy to set up to watch videos or chat with friends. The magnetic lock secures the case. The seal can still be opened easily while providing protection and comfort. User-friendly design with precise cuts allows easy access to all buttons, cameras, speakers and connectors without removing the housing.

  1. OnePlus 11 Mandala Embossed Leather Case with Wrist Strap and Crossbody Strap

OnePlus 11 Mandala Embossed Case made of high-quality PU leather, which is safe, protective and lightweight, suitable for your mobile phone. It has 3 card slots and 1 folder cash pocket. The Book Style phone case is foldable and is ideal for every time you write or watch a video. Convenient magnetic flap keep your phone and no more worrying about losing your important items. Precise openings allow direct access to all features of the phone without removing the case & protect the Camera perfectly. The adjustable kickstand supports multiple horizontal positions and adopts convenient hands-free design, which makes it easy to watch movies, stream videos or browse the network. It is slim fit, durable and elegant appearance, precise openings, easy to sense and press, agnetic clip and detachable wrist strap make it easy to operate your phone.

  1. OnePlus 11 Embossed Butterfly Leather Wallet Case with Wrist Strap and Crossbody Strap

OnePlus 11 Embossed Butterfly Wallet Case allows charging without removing the case. Precise cut allows you to use speakers, cameras and charging ports. All buttons are soft and easy to press. There are 3 card slots and a cash pocket to carry your ID, credit card or debit card and cash with you, without carrying your wallet. This phone case can be switched to the horizontal position and acts as a bracket. The bracket support function provides comfortable video viewing, reading and facial time. The sturdy magnet remains closed to ensure the safety of your items. Our phone case is made of high-quality PU leather, and the soft internal material provides good protection for the iPhone. Protect your phone from dust, scratches, impact and other unnecessary damage. The removable wrist strap for easy carrying. Durable shoulder strap can be adjusted according to your needs.

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