2019 New iPhone iOS 13 is optimized for the system, bringing a lot of speed improvements, such as Face ID unlock speed increased by 30%, App’s response speed increased by two times. At the same time, The installation package is also 60% smaller than before.

In the core configuration, the new 2019 iPhone will be equipped with A13 chips, and the CPU and GPU performance of the A13 will be further improved. This time, the A13 chip is still produced by the most advanced 7nm process. The more advanced technology can increase the performance of the chip while reducing power consumption. TSMC will also manufacture the EUV lithography machine for the chip.

We now know that the 2019 iPhone will have three cameras: a normal camera, a telephoto lens and an ultra wide-angle lens. The ultra wide-angle lens will provide a 120 degree field of view. Apple will also introduce an improved LED flash: it won’t get bigger, but it will be brighter to illuminate larger areas. In addition, camera bumps are said to be much smaller than previous generations of iPhones.

The price of the three new iPhones will continue to last last year. The new iPhoneXR is around $900, and the most expensive iPhone XI Max may be around $1,800. The price is still quite high.

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