The news about the 2019 new generation iPhone is also constantly exposed. Recently, PhoneArena analyzed the price and release date of the 2019 iPhone in the latest report.

The new iPhone is released in early September, with the most number on September 12, and iPhone X and iPhone XS are released on this day, so guess the 2019 iPhone will be released on this day.

In terms of price, the iPhone 11 128GB is expected to start at $1,000, the 256GB and 512GB will be raised to $1,100 and $1,200, and the iPhone 11 Plus’s 128GB will be available for $1,100. As for the iPhone 11R, the starting point should be $750.

At the same time, the new iPhone 11 will not change much in appearance. The obvious change is the lens. It is basically determined that the camera is a three-shot combination lens. Three cameras: a normal camera, a telephoto lens and an ultra wide-angle lens. The ultra wide-angle lens should have been OIS, but according to reports, Apple is ready to leave it to the 2020 iPhone. According to the media, the new iPhone super wide-angle lens will provide a 120-degree view.

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