The 2019 iPhone rear camera design has been leaked, and CaseMe phone case accessories manufacturers have produced its mobile phone case, the media found some iphone case hands-on video.
2019 new iPhone case reviews
Although it is uncertain that the 2019 iPhone is such a design. As you can see in the 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch phone cases, the next-generation iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will feature a three-lens module with a triangular arrangement and a flash, so a large square camera will circle them. Together. Although Apple will do its best to reduce the bumps of the rear camera, unfortunately the 2019 lens group will still be higher than the fuselage.

In addition, this year’s iPhone should still be three models, the size will be 5.8 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.5 inches, just like last year. The 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch models will continue to use OLED displays with three lenses; the 6.1-inch iPhone XR II is expected to continue to use LCD displays and dual lenses, and the phone case basically matches the old iPhone case.

In other respects, we believe that the existing protective cover can fully adapt to the current iphone. In other words, the outline of the body of the 2019 iPhone will not change significantly. The 2019 new iPhone may be slightly thicker than the existing model, but it is not obvious on the phone case.

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