Earlier, some media expected that the three iPhones in 2019 are expected to hold a new product launch on September 10 or 11. The shape of the new iPhone has been exposed, and some accessory manufacturers use the model of the new iPhone to produce accessories such as mobile phone cases and phone film.

The CaseMe accessory manufacturer has three new iphone cases on the official website and can be booked. On this website, we also saw the iPhone 11 rear lens protective film and the front screen protector, which basically shows the appearance of the new iPhone.

The front is still the same design as the iPhone XS series. The biggest change on the back is the camera part, which uses a three-camera camera design. In addition to some exposures that have been seen before, we also found that the iPhone 11 has some details of the changes in the accessories map.

It can be seen that in the mute button part, the mute switch is changed from the previous long left and right wave switch to a dot-shaped up and down wave switch, which is somewhat similar to the previous iPad mute switch. In the previously exposed renderings, you can also see that the mute switch has become a circular shape, so that the design can further reduce the thickness of the body, making the iPhone feel better.

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