While waiting for Apple’s autumn conference, there will always be a lot of exposure information to be released. Based on past experience, this information has a very high credibility. Today, we’re talking about accessories for the upcoming new phones.

Last month, the manufacturer of CaseMe mobile phone protection case announced the new iPhone protection shell, even now the mobile phone launch has not been held, the new mobile phone has not been released, but accessories manufacturers have already konw the phone design, began to design the protection case. They want to make money in the first place, so they have to work on this, not wait until the new product is released, and then start to research and make the phone case.

According to the release of the phone case. We know that there is a convenient switch on the left side of the iphone, which can make the phone mute quickly even without a bright screen. However, this design has also improved the thickness design of the phone.

From the picture of the mobile phone case, we can also see that this phone uses 3 cameras exposed before. For the new exposure information, we have lost one expectation for Apple’s autumn conference.

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