The Samsung Galaxy S20 series has been released, and everyone’s eyes will now turn to Samsung’s next flagship phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 20, which will rival Apple’s iPhone 12, CaseMe Case revealed that they are developing the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Case, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus Case.

CaseMe Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Case has a power button and volume rocker on one side-it can be confirmed that those rumors peeked at the power and volume buttons through a curved “waterfall” screen, which was revealed through a leaked Samsung patent. If so, the sides of the case will need to be transparent for the smartphone to display the curved screen correctly.

There will be a space for rectangular modules on the back, which means that Samsung will also fully invest in its Note series of S20-style modules. The standard sample Galaxy Note 20 has the same camera settings as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus.

One of the main reasons that the sketches from the CaseMe Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus Case owe to the Note 20 Plus are the bottom of the case. There is a large gap in the lower right corner, like the S Pen destined to be redesigned, which just happens to fit in the Note 20 Plus. The bottom also contains holes for microphones, speaker grills, and USB-C enabled connections.

Although the Galaxy S20 series is available in gray, light blue, pink, and black, in this case, the Galaxy Note 20 will have gray and black. The Galaxy Note 20 Plus series will have the most color options, including black, gray, dark blue, and red. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is only available in black and gray.

This is an exciting development because we can start to visualize how mobile phones are shaped. However, we must emphasize that this phone will not be launched until July at the earliest.

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