19Sep 2018

Recently, many media have got the Apple iPhone XS to do the video reviews, sharing the highlights of this product upgrade. Many consumers think that the iPhone XS looks exactly the same as the iPhone X. In fact, the details are different. Now the latest news, Apple’s new iPhone XS is not compatible with the […]

16Aug 2018

Huawei P20 Pro is the world’s first smartphone with three rear cameras. On the day of its release, it has been highly praised by consumers. As a Huawei high-end smartphone, the official original Huawei p20 pro case is very expensive, if you want to buy a mobile phone case for huawei p20 pro, we recommend […]

03Jul 2018

The dimensions of the new i8 phones are very close to the dimensions of the i7. The differences are so small that if you’re rocking a 7 case, you should be good to use the same case for your iPhone 8. Although the size differences are minor, some hard plastic cases on the market that […]

01Jul 2018

Huawei P20 Pro is very powerful and has a unique three-lens, rear-facing camera system with groundbreaking and peculiar features. There are many ways to reduce the possibility of cell phone breakage, but buying a phone case is not so simple and time-saving. There are many types of cases – how do you know which one […]

22May 2018

Our smart phone has become an essential item around us, and this Caseme Wallet Case lets you put all your important cards and cash together, so everything you need on the go is here. The most popular of these Wallet Cases is the removable magnetic case, which allows the phone itself to be connected without […]

30Jan 2018

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus in one month on February 25 but we already have a pretty good idea what the phones will looks like thanks to recent Caseme Case renders. Now, thanks to a fresh case leak we get to see even more of the bigger Galaxy S9+. The […]

11Jan 2018

Apple iPhone X is one of the best mobiles available in the market. Being stunningly beautiful and super-slim, it needs maximum protection against scratches, bumps and sudden falls. You can find a variety of iPhone X wallet cases and leather cases, and you can choose any of the best iPhone X Case. Most of the […]

21Nov 2017

Everyone knows that iPhone X in not a cheap smartphone. It’s delicate, very stylish, and that’s why you need a quality case in order to make sure that your phone gets maximum protection. The best way to protect your gadget is the utilization of iPhone X Wallet Case. The iPhone X Wallet Case has many […]

12Oct 2017

This time last year, Samsung commenced work on the firmware development for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Reports indicate that the South Korean company has started work on the firmware for next year’s flagship models two weeks ago. With two firmware numbers (reported as G960FXXU0AQI5 and G965FXXU0AQI5 by SamMobile) it’s also possible to […]

23Dec 2016

Samsung may be the first to release a foldable phone next year, according to some reports, but it won’t be the only top company looking to launch such devices. A new report says that foldable smartphones are in the works from several tech giants, Apple included, and they may become more and more popular by […]