14Jul 2019

CaseMe is a protective case manufacturer based in shenzhen, China, which mainly makes protective cases for mobile phones. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has not yet held a launch event, but CaseMe released a protective case of the Note 10 on its official website in advance for pre-order, and the appearance of the Note 10 was […]

11Jul 2019

It is understood that samsung will cooperate with the United States to launch a series of avengers cell phone shells and accessories, including the smart back cover case of Galaxy Note 10 series, Galaxy Watch Active exclusive strap and Galaxy Buds protective case, etc. The new cases automatically launch the Galaxy Friends App when worn […]

09Jul 2019

Samsung officially announced that the new Galaxy product launch will be officially held on August 7th in New York time, but the official Galaxy Note 10 LED phone case was exposed in advance. The case features a backlit LED display that can display different shapes. It is speculated that NFC induction is used to transfer […]

03Jul 2019

According to GSMArena, sales of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series have surpassed the Samsung S9 series, which is 12% higher than the S9 sales in the same period last year, but Galaxy S10 mobile phone case has increased by 300%. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is the most popular model in the S10 series, with […]

01Jul 2019

Now mobile phone manufacturers will customize the mobile phone case for their own mobile phones, making their mobile phones look more colorful, including Samsung we are familiar with. The official mobile phone case renderings of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series are exposed online. According to the rendering of the exposure, the Samsung Galaxy Note […]

28Jun 2019

Earlier, Samsung teamed up with marvel to launch the marvel hero theme phone case. The Galaxy S series was the first to use the case and accessories with this theme. Recently, samsung decided to expand its cooperation with marvel, preparing to release customized marvel themed phone cases on Galaxy A40, A50 and A70 models. Galaxy […]

26Jun 2019

When Samsung’s folding screen mobile phone was released, it attracted the attention of global consumers. But for now, the re-release date of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is unknown. The release of the Galaxy Note 10 in August is getting closer. Many people are worried that the delay of Galaxy Fold will affect the release of […]

24Jun 2019

Recently, there has been news about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 10 series of mobile phones. Today, Korean media once again claimed that Samsung will release a new generation of flagship Note 10 in early August, and the release time may be August 7. According to media reports, the non-Pro version of Galaxy Note 10 will […]

21Jun 2019

The Samsung Galaxy S10 series is starting to introduce new colors, which also indicates that the Galaxy Note 10 series will compete with the new iPhone in the second half of the year. Recently, the protective case of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pro has been exposed. From the photos of the exposed protective case, the […]

19Jun 2019

According to Korean media reports, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series flagship will be released on August 10. More and more details have been exposed. Recently, its front panel spy photos have also been exposed on the Internet. According to the circulated photos, the frame and chin of the phone are extremely narrow, especially the […]